What does T.E.A.M.: “TRANSPARENCY for EQUAL ACCOUNTABILITY in MEDICINE” seek to achieve with conscientious Patient Safety Advocate, “TEAM CAPTAIN,” Kim Sanders-Fisher’s passion for change?


T.E.A.M. is dedicated to promoting innovative strategies to deal with the urgent priorities for Healthcare reform in order to achieve universal access to care in America, and help manage the rising cost of nationalized care within systems in western industrialized nations like Britain, so that we can focus on our vital leadership role in improving Medical care worldwide. The expanded mandate of “TEAM” encompasses global access to Healthcare.

We must stimulate the ethical sharing of knowledge and resources to finance overseas training and urgently needed improvement in standards of Healthcare in developing countries, thereby facilitating global access to quality Medical care and empowering the fight against disease. We are “Equally Accountable” for the Health of everyone living on this Earth!



As the political candidates in America square off, vying for nomination they must get down to presenting their views on important issues to the American people: finally Healthcare appears to have made it onto the agenda. Now, understandably, Americans want real choice and they are demanding change. Universal access to Healthcare is a highly desirable goal, but it will never become a viable option unless we finally address the serious problems crippling US Medical care by reigning in the greedy Corporate profiteers who are bleeding the system dry. How do we fix what ails US Healthcare in preparation for a bright future where everyone has access to Medical treatment?

1. A comprehensive focus on community Health that excludes no one, to ensure adequate emergency preparedness for a serious Healthcare crisis or an epidemic. A system that doesn’t trap people with zero employment options by forcing them to work or abandon dependants when they are sick. Is Homeland Security really the Government’s top priority? If you really believe your security is being well protected in the US, read the shocking truth about what I call “America’s Achilles Heel,” a controversial subject that I have elaborated upon in the Blog Post: Dangerously Unprepared for an Epidemic! – The Disaster Preparedness Disaster: Go To: DISASTER PREPAREDNESS

For the UK: A pragmatic approach to Trauma response in the UK that draws on the best aspects of the American model, but does not compromise local access to Emergency care. Read about: A & E – NHS RESTRUCTURING

The Golden Hour in Transit?Proposed NHS “Restructuring” targets A&E and Maternity Care with Dangerous Cuts that will Cost Lives:

2. A strong emphasis on early detection via universal free access to primary care Doctors, with rapid Medical intervention for early treatment to radically reduce the financial impact of end stage care. Expect to see a new Blog Post elaborating on how we make universal access to Medical care an affordable goal that will soon become the only logical way forward for America.

3. Government sanctioned HR reforms to GUT Top Heavy Management, mandatory minimum staffing levels, limited continuous time on duty, an end “Deliberate Negligent Understaffing” of clinical areas in short all of the reforms outlined in the:



4. Instituting collaborative Management strategies that rely on the multidisciplinary input of Medical facility personnel to reduce the need for Top Down Management as demonstrated in the proposal described in:


Please also visit these Wiki Sites: Kim-TEAM Wiki Go To: or Social Text Wiki Go To:

5. In-house training of entry level staff to interim roles to help them progress to jobs with greater responsibility and higher pay, thus providing incentives for all Medical facility staff to remain fully engaged in the importance of their role. Janitorial staff must be required to learn Hospital-grade cleaning through mandatory in-house training. They should feel so inspired by the prospect of further advancement that they strive to work conscientiously to prevent costly Infections both in the US and the UK. See the post that addresses this issue within the NHS: Slaying the NHS Superbugs – Mind the Dif:” .

6. Stricter monitoring of duty hours among Doctors in training with adequate provisions for proper rest during periods on-call. A proactive approach to recognizing and lowering fatigue among all Medical facility staff, with teaching facility accreditation dependant on meeting mandatory staffing quotas, to provide sufficient backup, as outlined in the C.U.T! Campaign Goals. Please read: ACGME: Wake up and Don’t Rely on the Coffee:

7. Overseas based programs to create affordable Medical training options for those who demonstrate potential, but cannot afford tuition. We must also sponsor the training of foreign nationals in order to facilitate ethical recruitment of Medical staff without scavenging third world human resources. This will globalize higher standards of Healthcare bringing vital Medical treatment to the developing world. Wealthy nations like the US and the UK need to set a leadership example in the quest to bring a decent standard of Medical care to third world countries and combat global disease. This issue will be the focus of an upcoming post; watch this space.

8. Universal routine provision of Insurance benefits to cover all unforeseeable Medical risk including bad outcome or just a poor response to treatment, regardless of determining fault or Medical error. For more details on this concept, read: Insurance Covering Medical Risk,

9. Accountability via full transparency with public access to statistical data and infection rates; rigid external monitoring of Compliance with no special immunity for iconic or powerful institutions. Under Compliance Accountability you will find a suggested List of Compliance Line obligations:

All of these vital Compliance Line obligations remain an abandoned priority in my Whistleblower case; this is the main issue my Petition seeks to expose, please consider signing: .

10. An end to dismissal without cause and Bad-Faith Peer Review;” rigid monitoring of every aspect of the disciplinary process for all Healthcare facility employees, industry wide, with very strong retaliatory protections for Whistleblowers. Please Sign the: Physician Whistleblower Petition W.H.E.N? WHISTLEBLOWERS in HEALTHCARE EXPOSE NEGLIGENCE:

The Petition I created calling for a full investigation into the case of my wrongful termination has one important objective: to expose the appalling lack of Whistleblower protections for Healthcare workers. To review and sign this Petition Go To:

Read my Citizens Opinion sent to all of the Political Representatives in the state of Maryland regarding: Unjust “At Will” Firing Laws

Please also read and sign the Leap for Patient Safety Petition calling for proper Whistleblower protections for US Doctors: .

11. M&M Morbidity and Mortality Review of serious Medical errors plus specialized Medical Courts with Medically trained Lawyers to judge genuine cases of malpractice that do require immediate discipline. I have elaborated on this concept in the Blog Post about: Insurance Covering Medical Risk:

12 Government controls over the Pharmaceutical industry to provide research funding for the drugs we desperately need, like new antibiotics to fight resistant infections, while removing the incentives that encourage constant tweaking of maintenance drugs to extend profitable patents at the expense of those suffering from chronic diseases. Proper detailed review of all potential remedies without regard to profitability with more emphasis on research and less money squandered on advertising. Expect to see a future Post devoted to this issue; watch this space.

I felt it was only right to divulge a few details of my personal background and why I felt motivated to create: MedTEAMTransparency for Equal Accountability in Medicine Go To: T.E.A.M. CAPTAIN Blog Post, my personal space on my Blog, so check it out:

This is a post on my professional background as a Medical Volunteer, as a Surgical Technologist in the OR at America’s top Hospital, in the ER and Ryder Trauma Center in Florida, plus my many years at sea delivering private yachts all over the globe. My Online CV/Resume can be accessed via the Linked InButton on my Blog or found at:

So what happened to turn a conscientious Surgical Technologist at that prestigious Baltimore Hospital into a very outspoken patient advocate demanding change? Read my Post on Keeping Surgery Safe:”

If you are shocked by this alarming incident of Deliberate Negligent Understaffing ignored by Management, you will be equally shocked by the total absence of concern or interest after I contacted an investigative journalist intent on informing the public of a serious potential danger; check out the Blog Post on: Media Responsibility

Don’t believe all of that Patient Safety hype from major Hospitals. To read the alarmingly accurate true definition of some of the most egregious euphemisms in Healthcare today Go To:

Now if you are finally ready to protest you could start off by learning a few

Patient Safety Activist Songs;Go To:

The C.U.T! Campaign to CONTROL UNDERSTAFFING TODAY created by TRANSPARENCY for EQUAL ACCOUNTABILITY in MEDICINE will soon be launching a new Petition containing 21 C.U.T! Campaign Goals. Please check back with our site regularly as we continue preparing for this important National Patient Safety Campaign launch:

We will need every signature we can get if we are ever going to change US Healthcare for the better, increase patient safety, and make Universal care an affordable option. We will all require access to Medical care at some point in our lives so this is not an issue that anyone can afford to be complacent about. You owe it to your family to get involved: it is your Healthcare!


drafted by: Leap for Patient Safety & My

Johns Hopkins Investigation of Whistleblower’s Dismissal: Demand Compliance Accountability THIS IS GREATLY APPRECIATED

Universal Access to Healthcare, What is the Single Payer System? Could it work in America? Visit this site for a very simplistic explanation of the logistical feasibility to decide if the US can really afford to go on doing without it:


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